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Mouse Mats

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Wireless Charging Mouse Pads

Wireless Charging Mouse Pads

MIN: 25

Multi-functional Mouse Mats

Multi-functional Mouse Mats

MIN: 250

Jupiter Mouse Mats

Jupiter Mouse Mats

MIN: 50

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Promotional Mouse Mats

Stop and think about how many hours people sit in front of a computer each day either for personal or professional use.  Now ask yourself, how would you like your logo to be displayed during this time? Sounds like a no-brainer right?  Well with branded mouse mats you can create this connection at a very low price, acting as your own personal mini-billboard.


Promotional mouse mats, also known as mousepads are a piece of rigid or flexible material that acts as a surface for using computer mice.  They help to avoid scratching the mouse and provide better tracking while using.  These mousepads are custom printed with an organisations logo and commonly given away for branding purposes.


You will most commonly find a mouse mat printed with a company logo along with other goodies inside promo bags at a conference or trade show.  They are popular for targeting office workers who work at a desk with a laptop or PC and are a practical gift that always attracts attention.


There are a variety of sizes of mouse mats available for those who prefer slimline options or those with an ergonomic wrist rest.  There are also options now that allows you to wireless charge a mobile phone while you work.


Save mice around Australia and contact us today to get started on getting your logo on mousepads!


Frequently Asked Questions


Do you need to use a mouse mat when using a mouse?


It’s not required but it has many benefits.  It will likely extend the lifespan of your computer mouse, prevent your desk from getting scratched and provide more accuracy and a smoother experience.


What are promotional mouse mats usually made from?


Most mouse mats are made with a microfibre surface and rubber base.  There are now many more options available such as cork or PU leather.


Can I get my logo printed in full colour?


Most mouse mats are printed with a sublimation process that has unlimited colours and a large decoration area.  Look for this information on the product page.


Can I get a sample before I make an order?


Of course, we can either offer a virtual sample or have a physical sample sent out to you. Just let us know you're interested and we can have it arranged ASAP.