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Promotional Budget Lighters

Promotional Budget Lighters

MIN: 250

Promotional BBQ Lighters

Promotional BBQ Lighters

MIN: 96

Bic Lighters

Bic Lighters

MIN: 300

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Promotional Cigarette Lighters

Ignite your marketing with custom branded lighters.  With offerings from BIC, Tokai and more it’s easy to find an option that will make your logo look awesome.  Lighters are a practical giveaway idea that works extremely well with certain brands.


A promotional cigarette lighter is a portable device that generates a flame.  It is usually a plastic container that’s filled with a flammable liquid via a spark element to ignite.  These lighters are custom printed and then either sold as merchandise or given away for marketing purposes.


Birthday cake, campfire, gas stove, candle or cigarette break a lighter is going to be essential in the process.  If your brand has anything to do with the uses above they’re worth a thought for your next marketing promotion.  Most commonly, brands associated with a young adult crowd do well with custom cigarette lighters.  Such as streetwear apparel, betting agencies etc.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I choose what coloured lighters I get in an assorted pack?


Unfortunately, you cannot choose the specific colours you will get in an assorted pack.  Most of the lighters are available in assorted colours, all white or all black.


Do you stock BIC lighters?


Yes, we have BIC lighters but only available in assorted colours.  We usually recommend a white print on these.


How are cigarette lighters branded?


Cigarette lighters are customised with a pad print of your logo on one side.


Do the lighters include a warning label?


Yes, all of the lighters we offer have a warning label sticker already included.