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Lapel Pins

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Custom Lapel Badges

Custom Lapel Badges

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Promotional Lapel Pins

Show support or affiliation to a brand, cause or movement with custom lapel pins.  A fun and cost-effective accessory that shows the world what you’re made of.  With so many options available it’s easy to create something that looks fantastic.


A lapel pin also known as an enamel pin is a small pin that’s worn on clothing, usually the lapel of a jacket or attached to a bag or wearable such as a cap.  They are commonly used to indicate the wearer’s affiliation to an organisation or cause but can also be a fun fashion accessory to personalise an outfit.


Generally, there are four main types of enamel pin groups:


Enamel Pins: Available in either soft (most popular) or hard varieties enamel pins are excellent for promotional marketing.  To create a soft enamel pin one layer of enamel paint is applied to the recessed areas of the pen, once this is dry, the pin sits slightly lower than the metal walls of the pin to give a rigged finish.


Hard enamel pins on the other hand have the enamel paint applied in multiple layers to the recessed areas of the pin.  The paint sits level with the metal walls to create a smooth and flat finish.  It’s then set at a high temperature and polished until it is glossy.  Hard enamel pins are stronger but more expensive and can’t be produced in vibrant colours.


Die Struck Pins: These pins are created by striking a die of the custom design onto a sheet of thin metal which is then stamped.  Allowing a recess or raise that is then plated with silver or gold.


Die Cast Pins: Die cast pins have a more complex production process and are created by a mould of the desired design and then filled with metal.


Printed Finish Pins: These are created by placing an offset printed design onto vinyl and then covering it with a clear epoxy dome.


Custom enamel pins are a fantastic low-cost giveaway or fundraising idea.  Common uses include political campaigns, sporting events, educational institutions, social activism and corporate activities.


Frequently Asked Questions


How should you wear a lapel pin?


Lapel pins should be worn on the left lapel on a jacket (if your lapel has a buttonhole place the pin over it).  If you are not wearing a jacket they can also be worn on a dress shirt (left side) or a tie (usually in the middle)

They can also be displayed on bags as an attractive fashion accessory.


When to wear lapel pins?


You can wear a lapel pin for any occasion you like but most commonly they’re worn for formal events, business events or social events.


Can you supply lapel pins with a custom backing card?


Yes, there are many customisation options with lapel pins such as the backing card, packaging and style.  These may incur a small additional charge, just tell us what you need and we’ll find solutions for you.


What are the different types of lapel pins available?


There are a number of different lapel pin options available.  The most common will include soft enamel pins, die struck lapel pins, hard enamel pins and die-cast pins.