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Pop Up Clocks

Pop Up Clocks

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Carl Jorgen Wall Clocks

Carl Jorgen Wall Clocks

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Promotional Clocks Wholesale

Time is of the essence.  You don’t want to be the person that was late because you lost track of the time!  Promotional clocks are the perfect solution to solving this because having them ensures the time will always be viable (as well as your logo).


Branded clocks are great because of their simple but important functionality.  Available in both analogue or digital formats there are options to fit your preference.  They’re frequently looked at so putting your logo within this space is a no brainer.


Most commonly timepieces like clocks are given away as a corporate gift to clients or customers.  Alternatively, they are used in a place of business such as a doctors practice so that those waiting for their appointment can easily see the time.


Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of clocks are available to brand my logo with?


The two most common clocks we supply are desk clocks or wall clocks.  Both of which are customised to include a companies brand.


What are promotional clocks used for?


Most commonly clocks are given away as a corporate gift or they are used in the office/workplace as a brand positioning tool for guests or staff.


How are these clocks branded with your logo?


Most wall clocks are pad printed with a brands logo on the face just above the 6th-hour mark.  Desk clocks on the other hand are commonly made from metal and laser engraved or printed on the body of the clock.


How long do these clocks take to get delivered to me?


The production time for these clocks is usually available two weeks after artwork approval and then delivery is another few days after that to metro locations.  If you have an upcoming deadline let us know and we’ll provide solutions.