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Promotional Calculators

Save time, stress and effort by always having a calculator within arms reach during the day.  Whether you’re working out pricing for goods or services, adding up the monthly budget or studying. A trusted calculator is going to make a world of a difference.


A promotional calculator is a portable electronic device used to perform computations such as addition, multiplication, division and subtraction.  The device has pressable buttons and a display screen.  This style of calculator is customised to include a business’s logo and intended for use branding awareness gift.


Calculators are a practical gift idea for office works and students alike.  Making them popular for corporates, schools/universities and industries that market to these demographics.  When looking to buy branded calculators we always recommend looking at the button size, decoration area, size of the screen as well as a size that fits your needs.


There are plenty of sizes of calculators available from compact pocket-sized options to larger options for use on desks.


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of using a promotional calculator to promote your brand?


Calculators have a long useful life and are commonly found on a desk allowing them to generate a huge number of impressions of your brand’s logo.  


I’m after a different style of calculator that I can’t see here can you help?


We only display some of our best sellers here.  We can source many more options that aren’t listed in this gallery.  Submit a contact request or get in touch with one of our team and we’ll look for options.


How are calculators branded with my logo?


Most calculators are decorated with a pad print decoration.  However, depending upon the style some are also available with a full-colour print or laser engraving.


Who is the best person to give branded calculators to?


Calculators are a practical giveaway idea for trade shows and conferences or a smart welcome gift to new employees.  Adding your logo equals big brand marketing.