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Promotional Balloons

Promotional Balloons

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Promotional Balloons

Balloons are a fun party accessory that’s guaranteed to liven up any space and draw attention to your brand.  It’s also something that kids will love to carry around.  Our custom balloons are used by a wide range of industries and for a number of events.


Promotional balloons are flexible bags that can be inflated with gasses such as helium or air.  A balloon has a low density making them float or be very lightweight.  These balloons have been screen printed with a companies logo for branding/marketing purposes.  Either to be used to decorate a space or given away for free.


These balloons are supplied deflated with printing already done.  Meaning that to use them all you will need to do is inflate them with the gas of your choice.  Balloons can also be supplied with a number of optional extras such as a manual inflator, balloon weight, ribbon or balloon sticks and cups.  Just let us know if you need these added to your balloon order.


These branded balloons can be filled with either air or helium.  If filled with air they can last for up to months while inflated or if filled with helium usually will last between 8 and 10 hours.  Balloons outdoor in the sun may not last as long.


Balloons are great for marketing because they are:

  • Easy to store

  • Eye-catching and have a large print area

  • Are great value for money.  You can get bulk quantities of balloons for a great price.


When printing balloons you have two ways that can be printed: neck down or neck up.  Neck down is for floating helium-filled balloons or for air-inflated balloons that are going to be attached to sticks.  This is the most common way balloons are decorated.  Neck up on the other hand is for air-inflated balloons that will be hung from the ceiling or displayed hanging in bunches.


Frequently Asked Questions


Are these balloons environmentally friendly?


All of the balloons we offer (except for foil) are made from biodegradable latex.  A natural product made from the tapping of rubber trees that will break down over time.  However, we still recommend you should not do balloon releases and dispose of them responsibly.


How are balloons printed?


To ensure a high-quality print all of these balloons are screen printed.  They are actually inflated and then printed to achieve a premium result.  Please note that as they are inflated some straight lines may be slightly distorted.


What can they be inflated with?


These latex balloons can be inflated with your choice of helium or air.  Both have advantages and disadvantages.


How long can I store printed balloons?


If they are stored in a clean and dry place away from light, the un-inflated balloons can safely be stored for at least a year (12 months).